Along, a-long, -along

Before I joined Ravelry I was unaware of the -along phenomenon. On the off chance that you are also unaware, let me explain …

No, no, no. There is too much, let me sum up.

Buttercup marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour … ahem, sorry.

An -along is when a group of crafters who are all making the same thing, or similar things, decided to do it together in a group; for mutual support. That way, when you run up against a challenge (or if your brain just stops with the comprehension) you have people who are either:

a) in the same boat or

2) able to help you kick-start your gray matter.

I have participated in a CAL (with the C standing for crochet) where we were all making crocheted shawls. It was tons of fun and I don’t know that I would have ever crocheted a shawl if it weren’t for that -along. With this positive experience under my belt I was thrilled when one of my test knitters for Atreides wanted to start a KAL (with the K standing for knit – very sneaky, eh?) for the shawl.

Large version “bandit” style.

Thusly a new group on Ravelry was born. Anyone who wants to knit the shawl is welcome (well, anyone with a Rav account – but those are free) and I hope that everyone will have a blast. The shawl has a few tricksy bits – but once you figure them out it is not horribly hard.

Of course, if one has no interest in joining Ravelry but has some questions – one is more than welcome to post questions here in the comments. Heck, we could have a little -along in the comments if we felt the need. That would be all kind of crazy. But I always like comments.

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