Today my son and I went to the Zoo. We went for a birthday party and it was a blast. And yes, I said birthday party. That means that we were there with 4 other 4 – 5 year olds. That was crazy time, let me tell you. But it was also so much fun. And chaotic, and everything.

Looking at Flamingos

Not from this visit, there were no long sleeves this time.

It also made me want to return without all of the company, possibly alone. I can totally see the zoo being a place of inspiration. The Atlanta Zoo is heavily planted so as to provide a great deal of shade from the harsh summer sun, and this means lush visual texture. And the animals, the animals are so unbelievably varied and beautiful. It isn’t like I haven’t been to the zoo before. But I have never gone with my sketch book and camera with the express idea of looking for inspiration for knitting.

Which, you know, with the crazy making and such.

But if you are simply looking at the birds, the myriad shapes, sizes and colors in birds – you could find a world in birds. We rode the kiddie train twice and the kiddies would have done it again and again. Every time we went past the giant tortoise exhibit this goose ran at the train and behaved in a threatening manner.

I don’t think it liked the train.

I want to go back and take a better look at the goose. It was a fabulous soft blue-gray color and had a shorter beak than I am used to on geese. And it’s beak was partially a pale lime green. I want to know what kind of goose it is and get a better look at the guy. After some googling I am pretty sure it was a Cape Barren Goose, but I want to confirm my suspicion.

This guy, he really didn’t like the train. Or he was protective of his tortoise, I don’t know which.

Then there was some kind of guinea hen/peacock that really liked the kids. They would run up and down the length of it’s enclosure and the bird would follow them. The kids were not harassing the crazy thing, they were a good 5 feet away from the screen and on the other side of the guardrail. It seemed like the bird was having fun “playing” with them. Back and forth and back and forth, I wanted to let it go on so that I could see which species would tire out first. But we had to move on.

Maybe I will treat myself to a solo zoo visit after the Eman starts school.

Who/what do you think I should put high on my list to check out if I do?

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