The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I have yet to develop an etsy problem in the form that many people have acquired, simply too much of a cheapskate. Looking at etsy (which is a bit of a problem for me) I can appreciate the time, talent and effort that goes into crafting the items on offer. But I also hesitate just before purchasing because, you know, I could make that myself.


How many of us fall into that “I could make that” trap? Of course, one could make the item in question, if one had the time. And all of the tools. And all of the materials. Oh, and the time… So one doesn’t make it and one doesn’t own it because one is too cheap to buy it because one could make it, but one doesn’t have the time so one doesn’t … well, you get the picture. Vicious circle time.

But this past week I broke the circle. I found the time. I made something that I had bookmarked in the never-ending list of things I could make if I got off my duff.

Multicolor Crochet Necklace

Random is not truly random, kinda more "shuffle"

I am wavering about posting instructions on how I made this. Because it was someone else’s idea. I don’t see anything wrong with me figuring it out for myself and making it, for myself. But putting the instructions out there for others, I have … concerns … with integrity and stuff.

Yeah integrity, quit laughing.

I made all of the little motifs and then agonized over how to arrange them. Too anal to actually do true randomness (OMG what if the same color came up side by side?) I instead tried guided rand-omocity. Chucked them all in a bag and pulled pieces out. If the same color came out twice, or too frequently – back into the bag it went and I tried again. Much like the shuffle on your fancy pants MP3 player. If it was truly random you could be listening to Come Sail Away for 3 hours straight.

And no-one wants that.

One thought on “The Sincerest Form of Flattery

  1. You know what a friend said to me when I asked about a similar problem? She said, “You could always contact the seller and ask if it would be okay with her.” Of course, my immediate reaction was, “Of course she would say no. And if I don’t ethically HAVE to ask, why would I open that can of worms.” But she had a point–most crafty people are pretty generous–she might very well say that as long as you credit her with the inspiration and link back to her shop, that she’s got no problem with it. AND you get to sleep the sleep of the righteous.

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