Peek at a New Pattern

While it hasn’t been written down yet, I have a new pattern percolating. The motivation behind this pattern was a desire to make a scarf for my husband that a) didn’t compromise his masculinity because it was too froo froo and 2) didn’t bore me to tears because boring stitch is boring.

After much swatching and experimenting I finally came up with something that I am quite pleased with. So pleased, in fact, that I am going to be putting together a set of patterns. One manly man scarf. A smaller, more cowl-like version for women and a child’s scarf so that they can match daddy! Since these patterns are taking up so much time and effort I am considering making this my first pattern for which I ask for compensation – nothing to break the bank, but a little sumpin, sumpin for my time.

But nothing is written in stone yet. I wanted to share with y’all a little sneak peek of the kid’s version. The Eman and I had a wonderful photoshoot yesterday and I just have to show off share.

Work it!

Own it!


He is such a little ham. There are even more pictures but I thought these were the best.

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