A little Phat Jewelry

I suppose I should begin with an apology. After this, some of you are going to hate me because you are going to want to spend money. Because I have to introduce you to something called the Phat Fiber Box. You can go to the site and read what the official line is – but I can give you the lowdown.

It’s crack.

Crack for people who do the textile arts.

The Phat Fiber lady has tapped into the network of Independent fiber and yarn producers as well as the accompanying paraphernalia. These Independent artisans put together samples of their wares and send them to the Phat Fiber lady. The Phat Fiber lady piles it all on the floor of a room in her house and rolls around in it cackling gleefuly a-la Scrooge McDuck.

Not really, but that is what I would do.

Actually she takes all of the samples and divvies them up amongst many boxes. Boxes which can then be purchased by the drooling public. Which is awesome. You open up your box and see wee samples of all of the yarn that you have been considering buying on etsy or other web crack commerce type places. You can feel it, spin it, knit it, put it on your bed and roll around in it …

You can now make an intelligent decision weather or not you want to purchase something. Whoa! How is that for cool? I can tell you it has already paid for itself for me. There is this yarnwhichshallremainnameless that I have been on the cusp of purchasing for quite some time  – and luckily I received a sample. It is just as beautiful as I thought it would be, everything I could ask for … except when I try to knit with it? Total splitsville. I am the World’s Tightest Knitter™ and because the yarn doesn’t have much of a twist it is a non-starter for me.

I’m sorry yarn. It’s not you, It’s me.

But I the next thing I knit up – man oh man …

How do I love thee?This absolutely gorgeous Mulberry Silk Lace yarn from StashEnhancement in color-way Four Elements. The sample was four separate 5 yard strands, one of each color. When my hubster and I were going through the box, this was the sample that he kept reaching over and running through his fingers. And now I get to wear it on my wrist.

Cable Braided Phat Silk Bracelet – Four Elements

Using this practically magical pattern from the curious mind of olgajazzy I began crafting.


First off, since I was using teeny tiny yarn I had to use teeny tiny needles – 1’s to be precise. I pretty much followed the pattern, mostly.

I started with the green and when I ran out of yarn I switched to the blue and knitted until it was gone. This yielded a strip with 11 holes. Of course – I didn’t really read the pattern and I ended up with a hole at the very end and, like, 2 stockinette rows before bind-off. Apparently there are supposed to be 15. Oopsie.

The next strip started with the white, and crazy me I actually read the pattern at this point. It said to start with 15 rows of stockinette, but I was afraid I was going to run out so I only did 13. Again I knitted in pattern until the white ran out and then switched to the reddish color. It was at this point that I actually counted the number of holes on the 1st strip and decided to do 11 on the second strip as well.

I managed to get all 11 and then a decent chunk of stockinette at the end, before I had to bind off. But I still didn’t get the full number of rows called for. From here on out I followed the directions of olga and then fudged things that needed to be fudged.

Weaving together I ended up with one too many holes on the second strip because I didn’t have the long tail on the first strip – c’est la vie! If I had been smart I would have un-woven them and started with the white on the bottom instead of the green – but by this point it was about 1 am and I wanted to be done. Doing that might have fixed the issue.

A less arty shot.

My guess is that, should you want to make this wee bracelet, you might have more than 20 yards to work with and not run into the problems that I had. The tidbit of info you might take from this post is that you want strips with 11 holes in them if you want to make a bracelet out of lace-weight on size 1 needles.

Wow, if I had started with that maybe this post would have been much, much shorter.

One thought on “A little Phat Jewelry

  1. So, so pretty! I saw this first on the Phatfiber group forum, and wanted to read a bit more. Great job, and I bet it feels great on the skin.

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