Gauge Matters

With the encouragement of a group of knitters I hang with on Ravelry I have decided to start doing a wee bit of charity knitting. Actually, charity crocheting right now. After wading through all of the worthy opportunities that abound on the web I came across this site: Careware that encourages individuals to contact local hospitals on their own and see what their needs are.

And I realized what a great idea that was.

My son is now 4 years old and a perfect sample of what it means to be a 4 year old boy – but it wasn’t always this way. At 32 weeks I acquired pre-eclampsia and went into the hospital and onto the high-risk pregnancy ward. I was there for 4 weeks, doing everything I could to reach full term of 37 weeks. With the help of the wonderful hospital I made it to 36 weeks and 4 days before my kidneys, liver and blood pressure made it clear that any longer would be fatal.

My little man was pretty small when he was born, but not crazy small compared to other preemies. Even with this, we had nothing that fit him to take him home. Even the preemie clothes that were purchased in a rush swallowed his wee frame. So I decided to contact the hospital where I spent so much … quality time … 4 years ago about knitting and crocheting for the preemie/newborn ward.

They emailed me back and said they would be thrilled to have anything I would like to make and that if I wanted to make blankets the best size for the preemie creshes was 12 x 12. I don’t know if I will get any blankets made, but I have already made 2 hats!

Two Crocheted baby hats

One of these things is not like the other

I decided to use a great pattern for making Candy Corn Hats because they have such a cute shape – only I just used a variegated yarn. Now, it has been a while since I did any crocheting other than amigurumi. I learned to crochet at a young age from my Grandmother, but the last 9 months or so have been very, very focused on knitting. Because it is NEW and SHINY!

Going back to crochet was a little strange at first and I found myself with multiple stitches sliding down the crochet needle – oopsie! And apparently I made a minor error in my needle choice.

Really, it wasn’t a choice – I couldn’t find my H and just went with a G. Bad call.

The hat on the right was made with the G. A couple of nights after I finished this hat the Eman came running up to me saying “Mommy, mommy I found a knittling weedle under the COUCH!” while waving a crochet hook. My wayward H, woo hoo. So the hat on the left was knit with the appropriately sized hook.

Lesson learned.

Anyone else have some gauge horror stories? I am guessing if you say no you are just too embarrassed.

One thought on “Gauge Matters

  1. Haha! Awesome. That is an excellent lesson. The poor hat on the right looks rather breast-like.

    I have a bunch of gauge horror stories, but they’re all the result of the same miscalculation about my projects—when knitting things where exact dimensions don’t really matter, I assume that my gauge will be much tighter than it is (without, uh, bothering to swatch and check like a smart person would) and cast on too many stitches and end up with rectangular shawls that are short and much too wide for their length, or triangular shawls-in-progress that are way more enormous than the available yarn will allow.

    The lesson hasn’t sunk in yet, though; I do an awful lot of unravelling.

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