Teeny Tiny Mittens

Woo Hoo, I managed to go the entire month of November without posting (total sarcasm).

What that means is a great deal of knitting was going on. We are coming into holiday season and I am not knitting anything for anyone – but I did have a baby shower and I have a 4 year old’s Birthday party etc … etc …

A very small pair of mittens

Teeny tiny thumbless

These are so cute –  and so easy. I actually wrote up the pattern in the Rav description: but here it is for here!

Cast on 24.
1 – k2, p1 ribbing for 12 rows
2 through 6 – k five rows
7 – k1, m1, k11, m1, k1, k12
8 – k1, k4 wrapping each stitch twice before pulling through, k4, k4 wrapping2X, k13
9 – k1, sl4 allowing doubled wrap to fall off needle, cross 1st 2 stitches over 2nd 2 stitches, return to left needle and k8, s4 and cross next 4 stitches in same manner, k13
10 – k5, k4 wrapping 2X, k17
11 – k5, sl4 and cross, k17
12 – k1, k4 wrapping 2X, k4, k4 wrapping 2X, k13
13 – repeat 8
14 – repeat 9
15 – repeat 10
16 – repeat 11
17 – k26
18 – ssk, k2tog
19 – k one round
20 – ssk, k2tog ending with sl1-k2tog-psso
cut yarn with long end and run through remaining stitches with a tapestry needle – pulling tight to close off in a circle.
Weave in ends, repeat, embroider flower.

Not much of a pattern eh? I made them to go with this:

Wee hat for wee heads

Which started out as this but I get bored easily. Pretty much the cast on and the decreases are the only thing I used. I busted out Barbara G. and found a pattern to put in when I got bored with the stockinette (approximately 2 inches). Then it wasn’t girly enough for me and I had to add a flower.

There are about 3 billion patterns available for crocheted flowers and I cannot remember which one I used specifically. Google Crochet Flower Pattern if you don’t believe me. I was hoping the cross stitch pattern on the mittens would tie in well with the smocking on the hat but it wasn’t enough. Adding the flowers tied the pieces together in more of a “set”.

I really liked the yarn, which was Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton, it is very soft and easy to work with. It was kinda weird, after buying it I went on Ravelry and found all these people talking about how horrible this yarn is – but for me it worked beautifully and there wasn’t a knot in the skein.

My learning curve has been hella steep, but I am enjoying it madly. The hubby has finally decided he wants something knitted and luckily it is a scarf. Now to find a manly scarf. If anyone out there reads this – any suggestions for a manly scarf that is not too bulky?

One thought on “Teeny Tiny Mittens

  1. How cute! I have the same problem with attention spans. Kids hats and socks are currently my limit. But it’s been so much fun. I want a bumper sticker that reads “I knit at redlights”

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