Ramping Up

Starting your own small business is a bunch of work. I am currently in the middle of trying to figure out everything that I need to do to make sure I get off on the right foot … er … flipper.

The first major hurdle was picking out a name – and man is that a long story. But we got there and now I have “registered” the name by creating an etsy shop, a twitter account and a facebook business page. Wouldn’t you know, Tumped Duck was available as a user name on all of them!

Also all official like I have gotten the Federal Employer Identification Number and applied for my Georgia Sales Tax Number. The man knows what I am doing now. Oh noes.

Now I am trying to figure out what to call what we are going to sell. The reality is whatever we feel like making  – but that isn’t exactly descriptive. I am thinking about Domestic Accessories or Domestic Lifestyle Accessories because the husband unit said the former sounded like home decor. And we aren’t really doing home decor – we are doing personal decor, predominantly useful things.

But also knitting. Maybe Knitting & Domestic Accessories?

Who knows. I jest like making pretty things, like this:

Lacy Knitted Headband in purple

Yes, that is my fuzzy hair.

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